Ballater Hotels

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Ballater is found on the River Dee on the east side of the Carringorm mountain range, around 42 miles from the city of Aberdeen It is a very popular tourist destination and draws thousands of visitors each year. Visitors to the regions will be delighted by the choice of Ballater Hotels, which have a style, star rating and price to suit everyone.

The town is found in what is known as the Grampian Highlands of Scotland and it was the discovery of its curative spring waters that first brought people to the area. Legend has that a woman guided in a dream was enticed to the area to bathe in the water at the foot of the Pananich Hill and she was cured of scrofula a form of tuberculosis. A Jacobite returning home after an absence of some 20 years had the foresight to realise the profit in this enterprise not only for the town but for himself.

Balmoral Castle, the country retreat of the Royal Family is situated not far away, and Ballater is the nearest town to the castle and may be reached by road or rail. The old railway station is now home to the museum where visitors may learn all about the local history and its links to Queen Victoria. The area provides striking scenery and a host of outdoor pursuits including walking, cycling, canoeing and horseback riding.

The town of Ballater is home to a collection of historic stone buildings, some dating back as far as the 1300's. Although the town has only 1300 residents it has many fine restaurants, pubs, and unique shops. For golf enthusiasts it also has a challenging 18 hole golf course.

The Towns' yearly calendar is punctuated with the Balmoral Road Races in April and the Scottish Orienteering Championship in May, Ballater Victoria Week, held in August is a full week of parties, dancing, music, parades and concerts and Monaltrie Park is the setting for the Ballater Highland Games.

It is this very Scottish and highly pedigreed backdrop that provides its magnificent Hotels with a regal appeal, something a little special and this is further enhanced through the individual architectural renderings that may be presented through a former Victorian shooting lodge now converted tastefully into luxury hotel accommodation.

The Ballater Hotels may be found set in the town centre offering doorstep location to restaurants, shops and cafes or may be set on the outskirts edging the beautiful countryside in acres of beautifully manicured grounds presenting magnificent views.

The Ballater Hotels are coloured by their regal environment and provide for their privileged guests a sojourn of a lifetime.